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Academy 147 Completes First FAA Accepted Training

Academy 147 has recently completed its first training course accepted by the Federal Aviation Administration.  

The recently completed Gulfstream G450 Maintenance and Avionics Initial courses were completed for an enthusiastic group of students in March. 

Students also got a chance to visit the live aircraft multiple times for live demonstrations. 

Academy 147 currently has 25+ courses which are FAA Accepted and valid towards IA Renewal.  Courses include Maintenance Initials, Avionics Initials, Gen Fams and Update Training. 

The company has plans to further expand its portfolio of courses and already has several Initial training courses scheduled in the United States, home to the largest amount of private aircraft in the world. 

According to group President & CEO, Andy Trinchero, “We are very excited, and I have been on the road together with our Head of Sales meeting and greeting customers and discussing how we can help them achieve more with their training. Our training can be offered at multiple levels and can be tailored to the needs of the customer. 

The market reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Since the industry is suffering a lack of manpower the only solution is to train new people.  This can’t be done by one company, it will take the efforts of many.  Expertise in maintenance takes experience and mentoring. Even after a training course is complete, our instructors’ door is always open to students so they can feel to ask questions and seek advice when necessary.For information on our FAA courses, please feel free to contact us on for general enquiries or contact our Head of Sales Henry Schofield at h.schofield@academy147 or (818) 835-7414